Sunday, November 12, 2017

Works being made for an exhibition in Limerick city

The exhibition will be in CB1 Limerick, right in the city centre, and I'm currently finishing the works ... all in acrylic as it happens, which is a good thing as it dries fast and I'm hanging TOMORROW. That's Monday 13 November.

I would have hung them yesterday (Saturday) but I woke up one morning during the week with my face and neck all swelled up - not painful, but I looked like a pufferfish. Or a chipmunk. My doctor examined me and diagnosed paratitis, a swelling of the salivary glands, not very common but can happen when a body is a bit run down. As I'd had a month or so of short nights, this was no surprise, although why I couldn't have got a cold like a normal person .... Anyhow, I was told I could be contagious to other vulnerable people for a few days and that I was to take it easy and go on a course of antibiotics. Happily my face and neck are no longer like a big round full moon, but I'm going to be a bit puffy-looking for a few more days. What I got is related to the mumps, but I had the mumps as a child, so ...

Luckily I was just finishing my involvement with a major project in my day job, and even then they could delegate a few other things to other people - I love working with considerate project managers.

But back to the works: these are 20 cm squared and very affordable. There'll be some larger ones. Most will be unframed. All are square. I didn't want them to be either landscape or portrait format, they are neither one nor the other. 

Exhibition will open on Tuesday 14 November, 11 am to 4pm daily, and until 7pm on Friday 17 and 24 November, and runs until 25 November. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Photo as a result of playing with photoshop

Have had a pretty busy couple of weeks, lots of text work which of course pays the bills, and then a week of visitors which was lovely - got some great shots with them in it, which are going to be paintings I think - and then back to work again. And because I have committed myself to an exhibition in Limerick city centre in the second half of November 2017, I'm still busy making the work for it. Little pieces, mostly. I've already blogged about the work in progress.

But the image above: just a photo for now. An up close and personal shot of the mussels on the rocks on the beach at Saint Finnian's Bay, County Kerry, from where you get the best shots of the Skellig Islands in clear weather. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

White Bull

Another one made recently, from a photo taken in County Clare, near one of the old castles there. One of those darkish, sleepy summer afternoons that may or may not herald rain. We were on a road trip with our Dutch nephew Lars and just kind of bumming around, taking in some sights. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

More new work - Sirens

Over the past couple of years I've been all about painting what I WANT to paint, when I want to paint it - be it still life, people, landscape, or combinations of the above. I see something - a scene on the street, a poem or other piece of writing, a photograph, or an object, and my fingers get all twitchy and I think about how I'd like to paint it. So that's what I do now. And some paintings I do again, in a different format, with different light. Like this one:

This is from a photo taken by Linda Mortensen (then Patijn) and I keep going back to it - apparently she snapped it before the three girls had a chance to pose. They were so young and so beautiful ... I keep thinking of them as Sirens. The Sirens of Inch Strand! An older painting of the same one is here.

It's a little painting, just 30 cm on each side. I will be including it in my next exhibition in November, which is in Limerick city centre. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Some work in progress

Today I've been working on little squares of paintings, about the size of tiles. I'm doing a series of people in landscape ones, allowing them space to move around in and be themselves, as it were. So far they are very simple, but vivid. I'm reminded of the pen-and-ink illustrations done by Louis le Brocquy in the book The Táin, which my father bought when I was a child but didn't read to us because it's a bit adult in places - but the drawings were wonderful.

Here's one:

Remember, it's not finished, and this is a really rough photo taken by my phone. But I already like it. Hm.

Incidentally, the book above was based on an ancient Irish legend known as the Táin Bó Cúailinge, or The Cattle Raid of Cooley, and was written by Thomas Kinsella.